Case Study:

Rutherford County Sheriff's Office

Check out how we helped this Sheriff’s office in Tennessee digitize their entire off-duty program and free up 60+ hours every month

The process was very complicated and time consuming.  We all interacted with a mismatch of forms and paperwork in an attempt to meet our department requirements.

Executive Summary

In the spring of 2018, Rutherford County’s extra duty coordinator spearheaded a new initiative transitioning RCSO from their
outdated, overly complex off duty detail process onto Off Duty Blue’s new, easy to use detail management application. Since this change, RCSO benefits from a fully automated scheduling and invoicing process and much happier officers and security clients.


Prior to this transition, the deputy in charge was tasked with fielding client security requests, offering opportunities to officers, creating the schedule, and invoicing clients manually. Not only was this process time consuming, keeping up with client invoices and ensuring officers were paid in a timely manner was a challenge. On at least one occasion officers waited 3 months to be paid for details that they had worked.

“The process was very complicated. Officers, clients and I all interacted with a mismatch of forms and paperwork to meet all of our department requirements.”



The Sheriff's office needed a fair method to assign officers to available shifts.


A simple method to keep track of off-duty work with the ability to see where officers are.


A simple method to bill clients, collect fees, and ensure officers are paid on time.

Save Time

An easy-to-use system with the ability to automate scheduling and billing to save department time

How Off Duty Blue Helped


Off Duty Blue worked with Deputy McClure to understand the department rules and used the advanced settings to mimic and automate their existing process. Off Duty Blue’s dashboard keeps all the details that require attention front and center helping ensure jobs get filled quickly and nothing falls through the cracks. Having assigned officers confirm their shift by following the link in their text notification closes the loop and ensures accountability.


Simple officer on-boarding allows officers to opt-in in seconds and receive notifications and apply for shifts immediately. As soon as time sheets are due, or payments are pending, notifications are sent to the appropriate officers with links to complete their registration and set up their direct deposit information.


In addition to scheduling automation, Off Duty Blue’s billing services streamlines the entire billing process as well. Clients add their preferred method of payment when they register and request security. After the detail is completed and officer’s time sheets are approved, the client is billed for the officer’s time as well as the department’s hourly car fee. This saves everyone time by eliminating the “checkout” process and ensures officers are paid within 2-3 business days of submitting their time sheets.


Hours Saved Weekly
Paid to Officers
Department Fees Collected
$ 1500
Spent by RCSO

Off Duty Blue has helped us streamline the process. The ability for me to see everything
in one place has made things much easier. Accountability measures, especially the  confirmation of shifts, has helped quite a bit

I have been able to manage and see growth in our extra-duty assignments…One contractor told me that our use of Off Duty Blue has impressed him to the point  that he recommended hiring us over other local departments to other project managers.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Since switching to Off Duty Blue, The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office has seen growth in their off-duty program. Clients that were previously turned off by the complex process are requesting more details,  creating more opportunities for officers to supplement  their income. More officers  have show interest in working details as well due  to the fact that finding opportunities is simple and they have confidence that they will be paid for their work quickly.

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