Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Answer:  To add an officer, you’ll need their first and last name and a contact method for SMS or email notifications.  We strongly suggest using cell phone numbers whenever possible as they are more reliable and result in officers registered far quicker than email notifications.  Officers will always have the option to add contact information and update their notification preferences. 

You can also include the officers badge number and date of hire for seniority ranking. 

“Overtime” or “On-Duty” details are designed to manage events that do not need elaborate descriptions, time keeping, and invoicing features.  Think a DUI Enforcement detail or a sick call replacement.   Generally for these events, officers know where they need to be and what they need to do without much explanation beyond the title.  You’ll also find our beta iteration of On-Duty Scheduling with the Overtime details where you can create recurring on-duty shifts and assign officers to them. 

Special Events or Off-Duty details are designed to manage department created special events as well as security and traffic details requested by businesses and individuals in the community.  These events communicate more information to officers and have the ability to generate time sheets, create invoices, and facilitate payments from clients directly to officers digitally via direct deposit.